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Popular New Phone Banned From Airplanes!

19 Oct , 2016  

Imagine getting stopped by airport security and having your phone taken away. Then imagine being fined or charged with criminal charges just for having it! Sound like a ridiculous nightmare? Well, this is what would happen if you try to take a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onto any flight in the United States.

Back in August, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released as an amazing new phone and competition for Apple’s iPhone 7. Days after its release however, the phones in the US started overheating and catching fire! Samsung immediately apologized, recalling the American version of the phone, claiming the issue was an “isolated problem” from one single manufacturer selling to the US.  In September, the situation got much worse for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users as more and more phones around the world started catching on fire. Even worse, the replacement phones that Samsung sent out in the US as “fixed” also caught fire! Things took another very serious turn in October when one of the replacement phones caught fire on a Southwest flight from Louisville to Baltimore. Can you imagine the security risk of that!?

Since this incidence, the Department of Transportation has banned these phones from all flights. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can’t even be transported by plane in checked bags or cargo! Because of these combusting phones, most airlines have started carrying special fire resistant gloves and boxes on board their flights to put the burning phones in and better deal with possible future incidents.

Samsung has canceled the phone and urged people not to use them or even turn them on. The company is also allowing trade-ins for different models if owners bring the Note 7 into the store, or sending boxes to customers with special shipping instructions to send the (potentially) dangerous phones back.

Well, yikes! Are you are Samsung Galaxy Note 7  fan? Will you wait to see what Samsung does to fix this problem in its new phones or will you jump ship?



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