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Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

4 May , 2016  

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  If you haven’t bought your mom anything yet, you still don’t have to resort to a lame, last minute gift.  I have the perfect, quick solution that your Mom will love, plus it is personalized and looks like you put weeks of planning into it! I know, I’m amazing…. I get it from my mom!

The Mosaic Photo Books app helps you create a professional looking photo book in just a few steps.  You can design it, fill it with your favorite photos, and have it sent directly to your mom, all right from your iPhone or Android.  The whole process, from ordering to delivery only takes 4 days.  So, count the days, folks!  If you order today, the gift will be delivered in time for Mother’s Day!

Here’s how it works…Simply select 20 photos from your smartphone; I recommend picking an assortment of recent pics and throwing in a few that you might have tagged from #ThrowBackThursday.  Pick ones that you know will touch your Mom’s heart because these pictures become the individual pages of the photo book. The cover of this book will be a beautiful mosaic made up of all 20 of your selected photos. Of course, you can customize the book further by selecting if you want the inside pages to be glossy white or black to match the cover and to help your photos stand out. After you have the photo book looking just the way you want it, you can have it made for just $25 plus shipping! The final product is a 7×7 hard cover photo book that comes in a beautiful box, which makes it a really special keepsake.  I’ve always thought that personalized presents are always the most touching ones to receive, and this really fits the bill.

Let me know how your photo books turn out and how much your Mom loves it. Hope you all have a lovely Mother’s Day and you get to share some great memories.


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