PaperKarma Helps Save You Time and Save A Tree!

3 May , 2013  

Mobile apps have done a lot to aid in a paperless existence.  But even with my best digital efforts, there is one thing that continues to clutter my desk: junk mail!

I still get snail mail junk mail on a daily basis.  Ugh.  Not only is this killing trees unnecessarily, it is ruining my paperless office!
This is the exact problem the PaperKarma is intended to fix!  PaperKarma (free on iOS and Android) makes it easy. Just take a picture of the annoying junk mail and click “Unsubscribe Me!”.  PaperKarma takes it from there and contacts the sender of the mail and removes you from the mailing list.  Just a few simple picture snaps and button presses and your mailbox, and desk clutter, will thank you!

What will you do with all that extra deskspace!?


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