Google’s New Privacy Policy- WHAT TO DO

1 Mar , 2012  

Today Google’s new privacy policy goes live and that means that they will know too much about you and they will dig even deeper into your life and use it for: advertising!. They will pool information not only from your Gmail account, but also from all the Google-operated services (Youtube, Google+, Picasa, Docs,…) so they […]


Ever been HeyTell-ed? The Latest Verb-ified App!

29 Feb , 2012  

My ears really perk up when people start using app names as action verbs.  Major brands have been able to make this transition- Xxerox, Google and Facebook to name a few- and it seems to signify a game-changing type of product or service.  


Film Awards App Gives Movie Buffs More Access!

24 Feb , 2012  

Whether you’re watching to see which movies to add to your “Must See” list or which celebrities to add to your “Worst Dressed” list, AT&T;’s Film Awards Interactive App gets you up close to the Academy Awards action this weekend.


Money-Saving Apps- Talk and Text for Free

23 Feb , 2012  

Times are tough and expensive cell phone bills sure don’t help. But one thing that can help is doing a little research on the many money-saving Android and iTunes apps that are available. These are some of the applications that I use on a daily basis. I blame them for my obsession of checking my […]


My Favorite Valentine’s Day Apps for Android

9 Feb , 2012  

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I decided to review the best and funnier apps available for android  and these are the best ones I found:  VALENTINE SCANNER: You and your guygal place a finger tip on the sensing pads and Valentine Scanner will determine the chemistry. There are many possible outcomes. Perfect for your […]