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Packages Delivered Inside Your Home?!?

5 Oct , 2016  

Would you give Amazon a key to your house if it meant safer packages?

It is still amazing to me that I can get just about anything delivered to my door in a day with Amazon Prime.  But now, Amazon wants to start delivering packages not just to our front doors, but behind them! Some of Amazon’s top customer complaints are stolen packages or boxes being ruined from sitting on a porch all day in the rain or sun.  There are several companies, services and programs set up to help these package delivery problems, but Amazon wants to tackle the issue head-on to make things simpler.

To do this, Amazon is partnering with two tech companies, August (creator of smart connected locks for the home) and Garageio (a leading smart garage door opener company).  These partnerships are working toward allowing single-use access to your front door or garage, so that your package is safe and sound as soon as it is delivered. The service would be an opt-in feature that buyers could select at Amazon’s checkout page, essentially allowing the mail courier to have one-time access to their home.

If you are thinking this sounds super risky and that there is no way this will happen, just think… a few years ago we would have said “No way will I get in a car with a complete stranger instead of a taxi.”  But, Uber’s proved that times are changing!  If you need more convincing, there is even speculation that these in-home deliveries could mean less money spent on weather-protective packaging and that savings could be passed on to us!

So, what’s your verdict? Would you allow Amazon access to your home or garage if it meant safer (and possibly cheaper) online shopping? Is it worth the risk?

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