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Ordering with Emojis

18 Jun , 2015  

Ordering with Emojis? You can do that now.

 putting images in my texts! 
But emojis are typically just extra credit, not actually accomplishing anything.  Well, Domino’s is out to change that.  You read that right! Domino’s, the king of pizza delivery, is well known for integrating new tech applications within customer engagement.  Here’s the latest: Customers can order pizza with just the pizza emoji!
Customers can now register their Twitter handles on a Domino’s profile page and then order pizzas (based on their registered preferences) by just tweeting #EasyOrder OR just tweeting the pizza emoji to the Domino’s Twitter handle!
This is HILARIOUS to me, and pretty fun!  It also got me thinking about what other things I would love to order from an emoji-list!  Here are some other emoji-ordering capabilities I hope will roll out in the future:
 = bring me a coffee!
 = bring me flowers!
 = tell me a joke!
 = bring me cake!
This could get very addicting!  Will you use Domino’s Pizza tweet-to-order?  What emoji do you wish you could tweet-to-order?

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