New Year’s Resolutions? We’ve Got An App For That!!

3 Jan , 2014  

Happy 2014!  Hope this year is off to a positive start!  Now that we’re headed into the first weekend of 2014, I wonder how many people are staying true to their resolutions?  If you are still hanging in there, good job!   I’d like to lead you to some resources to help you stay strong!  I’ve posted before about apps that help you stay true to your resolutions:

New Year’s Resolution Apps 1New Year’s Resolution Apps 2
But since some resolutions repeat themselves year-after-year, (yeah, I still haven’t itemized my budget like I said I was going to!) you always need new apps to help you out!  So I’ve listed this year’s three best apps for New Year’s resolution success!

FOODUCATE (free, iOS and Google Play)
Healthy is the new skinny.  This year resolutions are more about being healthy and less about just losing weight.  To help in this endeavor, Fooducate is an app that lets you know exactly what is in whatever you’re buying!  Simply scan the product barcodes and the app’s algorithm, developed by nutritionists and dietitians, reveals a letter grade (A through D) to clue you in on health implications of the item.  You can even check out healthier options if the scanned product’s grade falls short!

DUOLINGO (free, iOS and Google Play)
The opportunity to learn a new languages this year is, literally, right at your fingertips! Duolingo is a new language skills app that is making a big splash this year.  It was named “App of the Year” by Apple and has rolled our so far in six languages.  Within the year, Duolingo plans to expand to 50 languages. The app uses games and quizzes to help you learn a new language in a fun, interactive way.

JOB SEARCH (free, iOS and Google Play)
If a new job is on your list, you need this app! Job Search is one of the highest rated apps on Apple AND Google app stores. It seems like the main driver for these high ratings is the usability and the app’s searchability. Users can easily sort by job relevance, post date, city, and pay grade. You can even apply directly from a mobile device!


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