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New Year Resolution Solutions!

9 Jan , 2017  

It’s a new year, and that means everyone is starting fresh and trying to make this year the best one yet! If this year is going to be THE YEAR that you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions then here are a few apps to make it happen!

Pact: Getting in shape is the most common New Year’s resolution and everyone knows how hard it can be to stay motivated, but what if I told you that money could be at stake? Pact is an ingenious app that motivates you with winning and losing money. The app lets you set weekly fitness or eating goals and you set money on how much you will pay the community if you fall short, meet your goals however, and you could earn a couple of bucks! This is not an app to make money, but a fitness and health tracker that puts a higher stake on your goals. It uses your phones GPS and movement sensor to count steps so stationary workouts will not work such as cycling. And you are able to submit pictures of the healthy food you are eating as proof of your weekly commitment. The app is free for both iPhone and Android. Right now the app has mixed reviews but if you avoid placing a lot of money on one week or trying to cancel mid week then you will not run into any problems. If you have trouble sticking to fitness goals then this app may be just what you need this year!!

Bandsintown: Want this year to be filled with fun memories? Haven’t been to a live concert in ages? Well then Bandsintown app is for you! Bandsintown is a great app for keeping up with live shows in your area and around the country. Follow your favorite artists and discover new ones in your own town! The best part is that you can buy and reserve tickets right from the app! No more having to print them out or waiting for them to arrive or hope that they will be at the door the night of the show. Bandsintown is free for both iPhone and Android so you can make this year really rock!

Bookout: Can’t seem to get back into the habit of reading books? Was the number of books you read last year closer to zero than you would like to admit? Well Bookout can help! Bookout is an app that helps track your pages and time spent reading each day. This app will help you make curling up and reading a book a habit again by making monthly reading goals that you can track with weekly and monthly charts. You can write down your favorite quotes in the app so that you don’t forget them and when you complete a book you can review it and share your love of the book with friends! This app is free for iPhone and is great for getting kids into reading too! 

Hope these apps help this be the year you reach all your goals and make 2017 a year to remember! 

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