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New “Slow” Dating App For Real Connection

23 May , 2017  

Swiping left or right on selfies has pretty much become synonymous with online dating these days.  Of course, it is normal to want to see someone you might go on a date with.  Even so, many dating app users seem to think today’s matching services are only skin deep.  Well, I’ve got the inside scoop today on a new dating app that is trying to change how singles date online!

Appetence is a new dating app that wants its users to take it slow and actually connect with each other. It enables this by covering each profile picture with a design that is removed – piece by piece- while getting to know the other person. When chatting with matches, users can “like” responses which will slowly reveal their picture to their match. Think of it as digital age “opening up” to someone! “Likes” will also unlock additional interests over time (perhaps favorite movies, music or hobbies) with the intent of sparking conversation and deepening the connection. After 50 “likes,” a person’s picture and entire profile is completely unlocked… and, hopefully, so is their heart!

Appetence was just released this month, so the number of users is still growing. But, if you’re looking for love, best to create an account and you’ll gain matches as the platform takes off. Appetence is free for iPhone and worth giving a try if you are sick of the same old online dating experience!

What do you think of this reveal-as-you go idea?  Would you give Appetence a try?

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