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New Selfie Stick of the Future!

22 May , 2016  

I have to admit, I originally laughed at selfie sticks.  Seeing someone hold a phone out on a stick just seemed preposterous.  Of course, that was a few years ago.  Now, while they still looks a little silly, I see the genius in them!  But a viral video hit the web this week that upped the ante on the selfie stick “genius” quotient.

The new selfie stick was made as part of a promotion by ThinkModo for the upcoming season of a TV show called “UnReal.”  The show is airing on Lifetime this Summer, and if it’s anything like this selfie stick invention, it is going to be amazing.  The “UnReal” selfie stick is automated and with just a press of a button you are able to extend and adjust the length of the stick.  But that’s not all, with another press of a button the selfie stick has soft photo lights that extend out from the sides, giving all your pictures the perfect lighting, even at night! Now, you never have to use a harsh flash when the lighting is bad, because you will always have perfect lighting right when you need it. Finally, for the ultimate, perfect selfie, one final button turns on small fans that will gently blow your hair giving you an effortless hair blown look! If that is not a mixture of hilariously ridiculous and brilliant, I don’t know what is!!  The perfect automated angle + the right lighting + your hair blowing in the wind = Instagram worthy selfies every time!

Currently, there are only a couple of these selfie sticks that were made for the promotion.  I have a hunch (and a pair of crossed fingers) that they will soon make them available for everyone to buy now that everyone wants one!

What do you think of this new selfie stick? Is it ridiculous?  Or are you going to be the first in line to buy one!?

Here is the video made by ThinkModo that shows off the selfie stick!



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