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New Features in iOS 10.3

7 Apr , 2017  

It’s time for an update on the iPhone update! iOS 10.3, the newest software release for iPhone, came out just last week. A lot has changed with this newest version, so before you make the switch over, I will let you know what to expect!

Remember those easy-to-lose, funny-to-wear AirPods released last year?  As anticipated many users lose those tiny pods on a regular basis. To make matters worse, back in January, Apple took down the third party app “Finder For AirPods” from the iTunes store, leaving users with no way to find lost AirPods. Finally after three months with no solution, Apple’s official “Find My AirPods” feature has been released with iOS 10.3! Located within the “Find my iPhone” app, you can now select “Find my AirPods” and their last recorded location will be displayed. If the AirPods still have battery charge, each separate AirPod play a tracking sound. This is a huge help if you only lose one! Hopefully this feature will ensure many happy AirPods reunions this month!

iPhone users who have Bluetooth in their cars will be happy to know the “CarPlay” feature has been updated! Navigating the app is now faster, which means users will have more safety and less need for their eyes to be off the road. CarPlay’s new display shows your most recently used apps right on the home screen for easy access.

Finally, I’ve saved the biggest and most exciting change for last! Two words: increased storage. iOS 10.3 completely updates and changes how it physically stores files on your phone. Before anyone freaks out, I know what you are thinking, and no. This doesn’t mean the app folders on your home screen. It only has to do with how the memory is stored. The new system is called APFS (Apple File System) and is a huge improvement on the 31-year-old hierarchical file system (HFS) that was originally designed for FLOPPY DISKS!!! Yikes, its about time that was updated! This new change reportedly makes devices faster and frees up to a whole gigabyte of storage!

Are you going to make the switch? Faster phones, no more lost headphones and safer driving, what’s not to love!


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