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New Emoji Alert! Can’t Wait for iOS9.1!

25 Sep , 2015  

How many times are you texting your friends and thinking “HOW is there not an emoji for ______”.

I know this happens to me on a weekly basis, but with the new release of iOS 9.1, this might get a little more rare.  Hold on to your hats, folks, we are getting new EMOJIs! Yay!

While the new iOS9 was released last week, we are going to have to wait a little longer for these emojis, as they are part of iOS 9.1 which is likely to be released in November.  But, plenty of bloggers and social media mavens have been posting in eager anticipation of some of the new emojis in our future.  Here are a few of my faves…..

Popping Champagne Bottle: This is the perfect way to signal to a friend “Let’s Celebrate”!

Cheese Wedge: Finally we’ll be able to use BOTH emojis when we want to host a wine and cheese night!

Squirrel:  He’s just cute.  That’s all there is to it.

Taco Emoji:  People have been freaking out about an upcoming taco emoji!  I think it is hilarious.  Sure, I love tacos… so bring it on!

Nerd Face:  Nerds, unite!!!

Middle Finger Emoji: Okay, this one is kind of surprising.  I’ll let you determine when you think you’ll use it!

Have you heard news of more new emojis?  Which are you most excited about?

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