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Never Get Stuck On Your Homework Again!

10 Dec , 2016  

Homework can be tricky, whether it is your college final exam or your child’s grade school take-home-quiz.  Working with equations and formulas makes my head hurt.  This week’s app will make understanding subjects like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and physics much easier!

“Got It” is an app for anyone who needs help with math, chemistry or physics homework (or that of their children!). The app is simple, just take a picture of the problem you are having trouble with the in app camera. You will then be connected with an expert, in real time, for 10 minutes via the app’s chat messenger. During the 10 minutes, you can send and receive messages about the problem at your own pace. The expert will teach you how to find the right answer with step-by-step instructions and make sure that you fully understand before the end of your 10 minutes. The first eight 10 minute sessions are completely free! If you need further help you can answer daily questions to win sessions or you can purchase sessions at just $0.99! And really, what is the price on finishing your homework faster while also understanding it?! This headache-reducing app is free for both iPhone and Android devices.


Now the next time you are struggling with a final project or exam… just check out “Got it!” and you’ll be in the know in no time!


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