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National Stress Awareness Day: 3 Apps To Calm You Down!

5 Nov , 2015  



It’s National Stress Awareness day.  even if you are still at work and a bit stressed out.   I have some apps that you can use this evening
Even if that can’t happen, you can use this evening to help you de-stress and unwind.
Mindfulness App ($2.99 on iOS)
Research has found that 20 minutes of meditation each day can increase your overall well-being as well as reduce stress, reduce blood pressure and improve the immune system!  The Mindfulness App aims to help people achieve these benefits by leading users through meditation.  You can choose guided meditation or set for a certain amount of silence.  Best to use this app right when you wake up or right before bed to relieve unwanted stress!
Relax Melodies (Free on iOS and Android)
Another factor that helps many people de-stress is getting a good night sleep.  This app can help with that!  Research has shown that music can help calm nerves and help you fall asleep.  Relax Melodies has a database of – you guessed it –  relaxing melodies, ranging from ocean waves to white noise and ambient music.  Users can make their own mix if they choose and can set a timer to stop the melody when they fall asleep.
Happify (Free on iOS)
Turn that frown upside down!  A recent study found that optimistic people are healthier and stress and anxiety hurt overall health.  So, to help see the sunnier side of every situation, check out the Happify app.  The app provides tips to achieve goals as well as games to help put a stop to negative thought patterns.  CNN named the app one of the best apps to train your brain!  So, don’t worry, be happy!
Do you have any apps that you use to help you calm down a bit?  Maybe a little game or stress-reliever?  Let me know about them in the comments below!


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