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My Snapchat life just got 10x easier!

20 Dec , 2016  

Last week, Snapchat launched its new Group feature and my Snap life got 10x easier!  Now, when I capture a shareable moment, or want to send any sort of Snap to a group of friends, I can send to up to 16 people at once, instead of having to send to each individually.  And, responses and replies from friends can be shared in the group, keeping everyone on the same page.

This has been a long awaited update from Snap, Inc. and the functionality is spot on.  You can see who is present in the group chat at the bottom of the screen, and can easily start a private chat by selecting an individual friend’s name there.  Snaps within the group work the same as all others within the app: automatically deleting within 24 hours, only replay-able once and gone if you don’t view them in time.

Along with the new group feature, Snap released new tools for users including the ability to customize their own stickers!  Now, instead of using emoji’s as stickers on snaps, you can use your own face.  This is super fun and hilarious and I want everyone to add me so I can send a million.

These latest updates are just the next step in the battle between Instagram Stories and Snapchat.  While Instagram still has way more users, Snapchat is holding on due to its filters.  Huffington Post reported that 43% of users said they would delete Snapchat if Instagram Stories added the same filters.  Are these updates enough the keep Snapchat in the game long term?  What do you think?

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