My Favorite Weather App!

17 Jul , 2012  

Here is my dilemma.  It’s the weekend.  I am getting brunch with a friend downtown and it is hot.  Very hot.  I need to go to the beach.  To enlighten those not from LA, the weather in downtown Los Angeles is nothing like the weather near the beach.  They might as well be worlds apart. (Sometimes, with traffic it seems like they are!)  So, how am I to know if the beach is nice enough to make the trek over there?

Naturally, I go to my phone’s weather app.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  It tells me what the weather is like in “Los Angeles” or “Santa Monica” but not exactly WHERE I want to go.  Even a mile inland in Santa Monica can be very different weather than the beach.
What’s a girl to do?  I have actually driven all the way to the beach, after my phone tells me Santa Monica is 80 degrees and sunny, just to find the two blocks closest to the water to be chilly, cloudy and not lay-outable.  Well, no more!

Enter Weather Underground.  Yes, the internet’s first ever weather website is now offered in a mobile app.  This app taps into 24,000+  stations so it gets hyperlocal weather in the exact location you are looking for.  Just in “West Los Angeles”, the data filters from 4 airport stations and over 30 “personal weather stations”.   Plus, in situations like mine this weekend, I could see the current weather or the predicted weather a few hours in the future so I can see what the temperature should be like by the time I beat the LA traffic to the beach.
Luckily, this weekend’s weather was perfect.  And I made it to the beach and even knew it would be nice enough that I should pick up some suntan lotion on the way.  That’s my kind of app.



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