Move Over Instagram! Vine is Taking Over!

13 Jun , 2013  

A mere infant in the social media space, five-month old app, Vine, is growing like a weed!
In a head-to-head competition of links posted to Twitter within a 24 hour period, Vine beat Instagram by over 20,000 links.  
Common! This is like David beating Goliath here.  And to add insult to injury for Instagram, Vine has surpassed Instagram in user downloads on Google Play, with Vine showing as the fourth most downloaded app, barely tweaking out Instagram at number five.  (FYI, spots 1-3 were Facebook, Candy Crush Saga and Pandora in that order).  On iOS, Vine is the second most popular free app and Instagram is far down the chain at #19.

So how is this baby beating a media maven like Instagram?  My analysis shows two main reasons.  
First and foremost, let’s talk about Vine itself.   Vine is a user-friendly app that enables us to create and post video clips quickly, easily and socially.  Vine videos have a maximum of 6 seconds in length, making them very accessible for the viewer to watch.  And, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a billion!  Video content is quite engaging and that engagement drives the growth and sharability of Vine.
Secondly, Vine videos can be featured and viewed directly within Twitter.  I’ve blogged about the Twitter vs. Instagram wars and many of the consequences of that battle are playing out still.  For instance, have you noticed that clicking on an Instagram link in Twitter now opens a separate browser to view the image?  THAT, my friends, is annoying!  I want to be able to view the picture seamlessly within Twitter.  But, since the sparring of Twitter and Instagram, that will no longer happen!  Vine, however, works perfectly and is integrated into the Twitter platform, so no annoying extra windows or leaving the web page you are on.  This is also feeding Vine’s growth, as it is an easy and very usable feature within Twitter. 
So do you still share your Insagrams on Twitter?  Have you made the switch-over to Vine?  Which do you prefer?


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