Move Over ANGRY BIRDS! Hurricane Sandy brings new apps to the top of the list.

2 Nov , 2012  

Typically, Facebook, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja top the list of most popular apps. But this week, Hurricane Sandy brought new, more practical applications to the top of the list. What are these new chart toppers?

1) YouTube: YouTube paired with The Weather Channel for a 24/7 live stream of Hurricane Sandy coverage. A must for all those affected or wanting to keep an eye on the situation. While this app is popular on a normal basis, it typically tops more specific charts such as “free social app”. Now, its the top free app overall.
2) Red Cross: Hurricane App: This app lets you stay up to date with developments on a hyperlocal level. The platform also gives preparation tips, allows donations and locates Red Cross shelters in your area.
3) Flashlight: With millions of people still left without power, you can imagine why Flashlight would be so desirable.  It’s the tech-lovers version of a candle!
Let’s just hope that people have back up batteries for their phones, or none of these will be helpful for long! Unless, of course, you live near someone with as big of a heart as this Good Samaritan…


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Know of any other apps you think should top this chart? 


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