Mother Nature’s Favorite Earth Day Apps!

22 Apr , 2014  

Happy Earth Day!
Did you know that the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and the day also commemorates the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere!  Well, now, 44 years later, we can still celebrate Earth Day, and we have a slew of apps that help bring Mother Earth into our daily lives.

JouleBug (Free)
This app lets you turn adopting a greener lifestyle into a game!  JouleBug helps users discover easy ways to change their everyday habits into more sustainable practices.  Embedded videos teach ways to be green and earn points (or “units of impact” as they are called in this game) by buying local, recycling, reducing energy or reducing your carbon footprint!  I love this because it is super practical and integrates well into anyone’s life.
GoodGuide (Free)
When you go to the grocery store, does environmental impact play a role in what you purchase?  GoodGuide makes it easy to make smart environmentally friendly decisions on the go!  The app rates over 200,000 products on health, environment and societal benefits.  Search by product name or simply scan a barcode and you can make sure you are buying “good”!!
State of the Air (Free)
This app was created by The American Lung Association and lets users see exactly what they are breathing in and out every moment!  State Of The Air shows color-coded air quality maps of any location in the United States.  The app seems to work better and be more accurate around big cities, but interestingly, those are the areas with the worst air quality anyway!
Let us know if these apps help you make some Earth-friendly decisions today!


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