Most popular leaked Super Bowl ads

4 Feb , 2017  

It is finally here!  SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

We all know the Super Bowl is only about two things.  No, not the Falcons and the Patriots.  Online engagement and Ads!!

Lately, brands have been “leaking” and pre-releasing their Super Bowl spots to try to add to the buzz.  And it’s working.  This week, analytics company compiled a list of the top 5 ads based on earned online engagement (basically views, tweets, shares and mentions).  I’m recapping them here for you so you can pay special attention for them during the game.  I can’t wait to see how this list compares to the after-Super Bowl list of most socially engaging commercials!


Skittles has hit it big with the NFL since player Marshawn Lynch has been so vocal about his obsession.  The company’s leaked Super Bowl commercial is faring well with over 1.5 million views.  The spot broadens the “Taste the Rainbow” tagline into “Romance the Rainbow.”  Hm…. interesting.


Bringing in a bit of Hollywood glam, Mercedes had the Coen brothers direct its big Super Bowl commercial, and has gotten a coveted space in the pre-game chatter  The commercial is for the AMG GT Roadster and features actor Peter Fonda, showing that the car is “born to be wild”.


Getting to tax season is never fun, so at least TurboTax is making its commercials fun! The company’s Humpty Fall commercial lands at #3 on the list, with over 3 million views online (not to mention its huge on air presence.)

#2:Mr. Clean

Mister Clean has gotten a bit of a makeover and he is looking mighty fine!  This “Cleaner of your Dreams” commercial is almost racy— that is, for a cleaning product!  The R&B soundtrack is pretty spot on and brings the hot Mr. Clean in at #2!

The number one slot is reserved for Jason Statham, Gal Gadot and the website builder  This commercial is basically an action movie, with an ad on the side.  The spot has been viewed over 4 MILLION times online already!  Hopefully Wix gets some of those 4 million views to convert to websites!

Have you seen any other favorite Super Bowl ad leaks?  Let me know in the comment below and keep your eyes out for these standouts during the game Sunday!  Game on!

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