Most Popular Apps of 2013

27 Dec , 2013  

I remember New Year’s eve growing up.  One of my absolute favorite things about the evening was listening to the Top 40 hits of the year with Casey Kasem.  And now, I get equally excited for a new “Best-Of-The-Year” listing!  Apple’s top apps!!

More then one MILLION apps have been featured on Apple’s app store this year with a combined 60 BILLION downloads!  That’s a lot, folks.  And the top 10 lists are here!
Apple users must have had a collective sweet tooth this year because the addictive matching game, Candy Crush Saga, well- it crushed the competition!  Candy Crush was the top free iPhone AND free iPad app.  Even more impressive, it was also the top GROSSING iPhone and iPad app.  Making that fact even “sweeter” is that Candy Crush’s free status means it relies only on in-app purchases for revenue, and beat out even more expensive apps!
With more gaming on the paid app lists, Minecraft- Pocket Edition wins for both devices.  So while this may look like the year of games, other more social media or lifestyle related apps rounded out the lists.  Here’s a few more interesting points:
– Twitter (which was the most talked about tech IPO of the year) didn’t even make it to the top 10 lists!
– Snapchat was downloaded more times than either Facebook or Instagram.
– The list of apps not only shows what is the most popular, but upon closer inspection can give light to how people are using their iPads and iPhones.  For example, social media sites were extremely popular for the iPhone.  But only Facebook made the top 10 for most downloaded on the iPad.
Did your favorite apps make the cut?


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