Most Addictive Mobile Game Ever?

31 May , 2013  

I am a mobile game lover. I am also a testament to the power of addictive games. I LOVE when I find a game that I like so much I end up thinking of it when I am not playing. I will even admit to having dreams about certain gameplay!

The overwhelming popularity of the latest hit mobile game, Dots, shows me that I am not alone in this! Dots is a simple and colorful connect-the-dot game with a beautiful user interface and a 60second time allotment that really gets the adrenaline flowing! Launched only about a month ago, Dots has acquired 3 million users already – a rate that beats almost any game launched for mobile devices. And the impressive stats don’t end at the number of users, people are also playing a LOT. The 3 million users have a total time-of-play to what equates to 500 YEARS of gameplay.  Whoa. 

So if you haven’t played Dots yet, try it out! With the caveat, of course, that you might get seriously addicted. And if you have played Dots already, check out this awesome strategy guide. You’ll thank me for it when your high score increases!
Added Bonus: Just yesterday, Dots released its iPad version that features a multi-player mode! Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think.


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