Make Life Easier with ‘If That Then This’

27 Mar , 2012  

If time is money, this will save you big!  
If That Then This, or IFTTT (pronounced ‘gift’ without the g), is like a personal assistant tracking your digital actions and making them work for you seamlessly.  
The service is fairly simple, and well described by its name.  IFTTT allows you to link together two services, so that a pre-designated action on one service will trigger another action on a the second service.  
Confused?  How about a few examples….

IF (I change my Facebook picture) THEN (change my Twitter picture also)
IF (I post a new blog) THEN (tweet a link to the new post)
IF (A specific stock hits a designated price level) THEN (email me notification)
The possibilities seem endless.  A quick search on the IFTTT site proves that they almost are endless!  Users can create custom tasks or add pre-built tasks (called “recipes”) made by other users.  The recipes available range from broad (Receive a text message if it is going to rain tomorrow) to specific (Get email notification any time a local apartment listing is posted on Craigslist) and from helpful (Backup all Facebook pictures I am tagged in to Dropbox) to silly (Receive a phone call anytime you text “Bad Date Rescue”).
The list goes on and on.  What’s your favorite usage for IFTTT?


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