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Love it or Leave it? Planet of the Apps

17 Feb , 2017  

It seems like everyone nowadays has an idea for an AWESOME app.  At least, that is the idea behind the new Apple TV show, Planet of the Apps.  Picture the lovechild of “Shark Tank” and “The Voice” and you’ll get an idea of what you are in store for.  The pitch-inspired show will feature some pretty popular celebrities such as Jessica Alba,, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk.

To be honest, I am beyond excited for the show.  It shouldn’t be surprising to you that I LOVE new app ideas.  Also, reality TV is kind of a guilty pleasure.  So, HELLO!  Planet of the Apps was on my “must watch” list the hour it was announced earlier this week.  But, not everyone shared my enthusiasm.

The show is the first shot at original content by Apple, and will be shown exclusively on Apple TV.  From some of the Twitter commentary by Apple employees and other app developers, it seems like people are putting the show down before they even give it a chance.  The major gripes include concerns that the show will be too cheesy and will not give proper credit to how difficult it is to create an app.  Hardcore coders also don’t seem to think the celebrity judges have the chops to know which apps are actually technically feasible.

Okay, I guess I see their point.  I mean, the trailer for the show does border on cheesy.  Case in point, there is a moving escalator that contestants ride on to get into the judging room.  They have exactly 60 seconds (the time of their escalator ride) to pitch their app well, or else they are out.  I can only imagine the cheese in store for us during those escalator rides!

I need your input.  Check out the trailer below and let me know your thoughts on the upcoming “Planet of the Apps.”  Love it, or leave it?



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