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Long Car Ride Entertainment Tips!

1 Jul , 2016  

Summer vacations are the best.  But getting to your destination can sometimes be a drag.  I get bored on long road trips, so I can only imagine what it is like to have to entertain an entire family in the car!   I mean, really, you can only play so much “I spy”.  So, I set out on a mission to find ways to keep everyone occupied and connected long after the license plate game has gotten old.

If you guys are lucky enough to have a WiFi enabled car, you have so many movies and games at your fingertips.  But because most cars don’t have WiFi access, HooToo is a lifesaver device. Just plug a USB drive (preferably one filled with music and movies) into HooToo and the small device will stream its contents to any device in the car. Now, you can have a whole music and movie collection with you on the go and it can be accessed by multiple wireless devices at once. No need to worry about what the kids are watching because they can only pick from the USB contents. HooToo is only $17.99 and has great reviews.  It just might be the perfect way to bring your favorite videos and music with you on your trip.

If internet and surfing the web is what you want, then check out hot spot devices from your phone service provider.  They usually cost around $30-$50 with monthly data plans, but you get the added benefit of using phone signal to connect to the internet wherever you are and then the skies the limit with what you can listen to and watch! AT&T has the “Unite Explore” hot spot device which is water resistant, shock and dust proof and boasts a battery life of around 22 hours of use! Definitely ideal for road trips to the middle of nowhere.

Now your long road trips never have to be dull again! But always remember, these tips are for PASSENGERS!  Drivers should stay focused on the road, and not distracted by these tips.  If needed, drivers can take turns so everyone gets ample rest and relaxation.  How do you make sure you have enough entertainment on road trips? Let me know and start planning that next trip!

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