Last Minute “Digital Costume” App!

31 Oct , 2014  

Happy Halloween!!  It’s the day of spooky fun and have I got a life saver

app for anyone who FORGOT (gasp!!) that today was Halloween!!


If you showed up at your office like normal this morning, just to find

all your co-workers decked out in their Halloween costumes, fear not!

Have I got an app for you!


Digital Dudz (Free on iOS and Google Play) is an app that lets you turn

your mobile phone into a costume!! Okay, so the app also sells real

costumes that incorporate the mobile phone (think Iron Man costume with

the glowing circle on his chest actually radiating out light from your

phone).  But, if you are reading this now, it’s too late to get the

costume! You need to work with what you have on and the app has ways to

do that too!


My vote for easiest “digital costume” from the app is the Zombie Brains.

Downloading this makes your phone screen become a loop video of

disgusting looking “Zombie Brains”.  These double as intestines and

simply placing this beneath the stomach of a shirt, shines through to

give an actually semi-realistic looking “spilling your guts”.


Any other ideas of digital costumes or digital costume enhancers?  Let us


And Happy Halloween!!


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