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Labor Day Weekend Apps

2 Sep , 2016  

WOOHOO it’s Labor Day weekend! Here are some helpful apps to help you in all your weekend plans.

Pack Point– Headed on a weekend trip?  This free app for both Apple and Android generates a packing list to help you remember everything you need to take on your excursion. Chose how many days you will be gone and what activities you will be enjoying and the app generates a checklist, reminding you to pack everything from a swim suit to extra socks. If this is a trip you will take again, you can save, edit and add to packing lists already created! Now you can head out the door without that feeling that you’re forgetting something.

Hopper Hopefully you aren’t all packed up with no place to go!  But if that’s the case, make sure you get the cheapest last minute flights with Hopper.  The app is free and currently ranked as one of the top 20 most popular free travel apps for iOS.  Hopper analyzes flight prices (billions of them!) every day to help predict when fares will surge and drop.  Users get to reap the rewards of that, saving up to 40% on flights! 

VelocityA night out to dinner in a big city can be tricky on a holiday weekend.  Especially if you didn’t get reservations ahead of time.  If you are in LA, NY, San Fran, Miami or London, check out the Velocity app.  The app has a super luxe feel, and partners with some of the most talked about restaurants to let users make last-minute reservations.  You can even pay the bill in the app, or split the check if you are dining with a larger group.  Bon appetit!

Now we’ve got you covered packing, traveling and eating!  All you have left to do is have a great Labor Day weekend!


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