Klout Perks Made Easy!

18 Oct , 2012  

What good is a reward if you never redeem it?

I’d say not good at all! I want any reward I receive to be easy to access and redeem. I can’t stand having to search how many credit card points I have or if I am able to redeem airline miles only on certain flights. These perks are supposed to reward us for using a product, not be an additional nuisance that we can never put to use!  I am sure much of the rewards game is to win your goodwill knowing that most people will never redeem the awards. 

Well Hallelujah for Klout because this week it announced several updates to its Perks program. Previously, redeeming Klout Perks was not as intuitive of a process as it should have been. Most Perks were going unused and, as such, companies were not seeing value in making the offers which range from free products to early access to websites.
So what are the latest enhancements?
1) The Klout app has been updated to include a new feature, Passbook support, which allows users to create their own “Klout Card”. The virtual card displays your name, Klout score, and a scannable QR code that can be used to redeem your Klout Perks at local businesses.
2) Your Perks will now be more specific to your tastes. Klout has information based on if you are influential in hotels, start ups or basketball. This data is now being accessed so your individual Perks should make you perkier!
3) Perks that are only offered to a limited number of users now have a wait list! A great feature for those who aren’t as obsessive about checking in on their Klout page multiple times a day.
No word yet on what businesses are signed up to recognize the new QR codes, but I’ll keep you updated as news comes out. Here’s hoping that the Klout Cards make redeeming our Klout Perks quick and easy.
Let me know if it works for you.


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