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Can These Apps Help Heal “Texting Thumb”!?

29 Apr , 2016  

Texting thumb.  It is a real thing.  And if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably felt it.  It is a common term used for an RSI (repetitive strain injury) due to overuse of the thumb.  And, yes, it comes from texting.  Since I am always texting or updating my social media, often on my phone, I’ve fallen victim to ‘texting thumb’ quite a few times.  A cool and fun solution I’ve found comes not from a cream, pill or splint, but from a new app!  Today I will help you pick the right keyboard for your texting style and needs so texting becomes effortless, painless and fun.

Switching up your typing style is fun and also puts less strain on your hands.  With Word Flow Keyboard, you can swipe to text and have word suggestions for quick typing like before, but now you have the ability to change the orientation of the entire keyboard so that you can quickly text with only one hand! Emojis are easy to access in both modes and the keyboard also has different color options with the added feature of being able to set your own photo for the background of your keyboard. So, whether you need to use both hands or just one, now you have all the options at your finger tips with this free app for iPhones.

Do you love to use emojis but wish you had even more ways to express yourself? Then the Go Keyboard is for you. With this free keyboard for both iPhone and Android you can not only swipe to text with text suggestions for faster typing, but for your image needs it also has quick access to emojis, text constructed faces (O_o), images constructed out of emojis (like a heart made out of hearts) and stickers like you would find on Facebook. With this Keyboard, if you find yourself at a loss for words, you will never be at a loss for images!

You speed texters out there should definitely download the Fleksy Keyboard.  Fleksy has been officially called the fastest keyboard by the Guinness Book of World Records for setting the fastest texting speed records! The key to Fleksy speed is that it completely removes the spacebar and other hindrances so the entire keyboard is just letters. To space, you just swipe right and to delete you swipe left, once you get the hang of the new system you will already feel yourself typing way faster than before! You don’t need to worry about accuracy as much, because the keyboard will quickly fix and understand any misspelled words you type. And if you miss the classic keyboard format, just swipe up with two fingers to bring back the space bar. This free app for both iPhone and Android might get you awarded “fastest texter ever”!

Hopefully these apps will add a little more fun and a little less thumb stress into your daily texting!  Do you have a favorite keyboard for your smartphone?



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