It’s That Time of the Year: Tax Apps!

8 Apr , 2013  

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker (Google Play/iTunes-FREE)

Free download and IRS accepted digitized receipts
Easily store your receipts and Shoeboxed will organize them for you. Then generate and email expense reports in seconds.
Save hours on accounting, bookkeeping and tax prep. Instantly send your extracted data to QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Excel, FreshBooks Outright, Xero and dozens of other tools.

EITC Finder (Google Play/iTunes-FREE)

If you qualify, it could be worth up to $5,891 to you!
Find out how to file your taxes and claim EITC for free with IRS Free File.
It’s as easy as 1-2-3

The EITC Finder will show you how much tax credit you may be able to claim.
You can claim EITC by doing your federal taxes with IRS Free File. Free File offers free brand-name tax software plus secure e-filing.

TaxCaster by TurboTax  (Google Play/iTunes-FREE)

Get a quick estimate of your 2012 federal tax refund anytime, anywhere on your phone via this free tax calculator.
It’s easy. Just enter some basic info and watch your refund add up. TaxCaster uses the same tax calculator found in TurboTax.

TurboTax SnapTax (Google Play/iTunes-FREE)

Start your taxes with a snap!
TurboTax SnapTax lets you get your taxes done in 10 minutes. We’ll do the math and you get your biggest refund, guaranteed!
1 – Snap a photo of your W-2
2 – Answer simple questions
3 – File with the app, or finish on the web
File your federal and state taxes with the app for only $24.99! (Prices vary if you finish on the web)

H&R; Block (Google Play/iTunes-FREE)

Tax season can be filled with questions – we can help! Download our FREE app and tap into our more than 50 years of tax experience — no matter where you go!
With the new H&R; Block Mobile app you can:
• NEW! Upload your documents and send them to your tax pro.
• Check the status of your Federal refund.
• Quickly estimate your tax refund with our Tax Estimator.
• Find an H&R; Block office near you and schedule an appointment.
• Get instant answers to the most popular tax questions.
• View a checklist. Whether you’re completing your taxes in an office or doing them yourself, we will help you determine what you need.
• Stay informed of things that could impact your tax situation with News & Updates.
• Access hundreds of tax terms with our A-Z Glossary.

IRS2Go (Google Play/iTunes-FREE)

IRS2Go is an IRS-developed app designed to help taxpayers in several ways. The app lets taxpayers check on the status of their refund, sign up for helpful tax tips or get the most recent IRS Twitter feeds.
TaxACT Central (Google Play/iTunes-FREE)

TaxACT Central is your FREE companion to TaxACT. Whether you’re a first-time filer, tax expert or somewhere in between, TaxACT Central helps make tax time faster and easier. Use it before, during and after you prepare and e-file your taxes in TaxACT.
• Get organized. Use TaxACT’s checklist to gather and organize documents for your tax return.
• Quickly and easily check the status of your e-filed returns and federal refund on the go, 24/7.
• Have tax or technical questions? Get free answers in our Help Center whenever you need help.
• Never miss a tax deadline. The Tax Calendar gives IRS due dates for filing tax forms and paying taxes by month, fiscal year or taxpayer type.
• Register for TaxACT. Create a TaxACT Online Free Federal or Deluxe Edition account from our app, and do your taxes from a desktop pc, laptop or iPad when you’re ready.

You are done filling out your tax return, Now What? It’s time to have fun!


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