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Is this app the secret to mending a broken heart?!

24 Feb , 2017  

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and for many, the hearts and flowers and love songs are gone with it. Turns out, Facebook can track the most popular times for breakups from our relationship status updates. The time around Valentine’s Day is high on the list. So, rather than turning to a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s, let me introduce you to the app that makes breakups easier to handle.

Mend is a “personal trainer for heartbreak.” This app guides you through mending your broken heart one day at a time by keeping track of your emotional progress. When you open the app, it asks you some basic questions about your recent breakup to determine a proper starting point for your healing process.  Each day the app can send you a reminder to check in and record your mood and your feelings for the day. The app then provides a short podcast that gives relevant support on your recovery. If you feel you need more advice, there is a whole community of people who submit stories and insights from their experiences. As time passes, there is a useful feature that creates a graph of how your mood has changed over time. And those who need to get their feelings out to vent can do so by writing about different activities throughout their day, with pre-made sections for various topics such as exercise, social and contact with your ex.

Mend is a very in-depth app, packed full of features and advice that can help anyone move on after a breakup. Mend is only for iPhones and the first week is completely free. One week may be enough for smaller breakups, but those that need a longer recovery can easily become a member and subscribe for a couple of months or the entire year. (Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month.)

I’m thinking this could be a good gift for a few friends who claim to be boycotting love (and, consequently, watching The Bachelor with me!) What do you think about an app helping you through a breakup?



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