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Is Pokemon Go Coming Back From The Dead?!?

28 Oct , 2016  

Happy Halloween!

Is anyone out there still playing Pokemon Go?  While there may not be as much hype for the game as there was when it was first released, don’t think that the game is dead… it may even be coming back from the grave!

Pokemon Go was ground breaking success after its launch in July.  It ranked as one of the quickest apps to ever acquire peak daily users of over 25 million! But after what some might consider a Pokemon Go crazed summer, the app has been slowly declining in popularity.  Its numbers, though, are still pretty impressive. There are estimated to be around 15 million weekly users and the app is still the second highest grossing app for iPhone, making over $1.5 million daily! Maybe this Halloween is just the thing that will help the game rise back into popularity.

The game is having a Halloween special event, running from October 27 to November 1.  For those in-the-know of the Pokemon Go game, this is a huge deal!  During this time, players have a higher chance of catching spooky Pokemon, (like the bats and ghosts) and will receive extra in-game rewards, helping beat tough levels and strengthen individual Pokemon.  So, if you have stopped playing because you can’t beat a tough level or win any Pokemon wars, this weekend is your chance to get addicted all over again!

Will you be playing Pokemon Go this weekend? Will this be enough to get people addicted to the game all over again?


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