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iOS 10 is improving everything!

12 Jul , 2016  

iOS 10 will be released this fall and unlike most updates, this one is pretty much all good news with a lot of helpful changes to look forward to.  There are so many new features in this upgrade, which is in beta now, I am going to cover some of my faves.

OPEN UP SIRI: Siri is finally going to preform actions in more applications because now Siri will be open for developers to incorporate into their apps! This is huge news because Siri has been quite limited in the past. With this update, we should be able to simply ask Siri to do anything from play a song to order a pizza. Another reported Siri upgrade is the ability for Siri to better help you text.  For example, if a friend texts asking where you are while you are driving, Siri will be able to respond back with your location. Pretty cool. And, finishing out the Siri-upgrade-trifecta, Siri will be added to all Mac computers with the new Mac OS update, you go Siri!

TEXTING HEAVEN: The iPhone’s iMessage will also be getting some upgrade love. With iOS 10, links to music and videos will be able to play right inside the text, as opposed to sending your to another app. Emojis will now be THREE TIMES their old size! And, you will be able to “emojify” words that you type!  This is super fun.  Let’s say you are texting and type a word like happy, pizza or train. Specific words like those will glow on the screen and by simply clicking on them, they will turn into emojis!

PHOTOS ARE THE BOMB: Photos will now have face and object recognition, sorting and grouping by person, date and place. This sorting and processing will all be done locally, so there is no need to be worried about privacy or security with your photos.  The new operating system will also let you assemble your captured photos and videos of a particular memory into a movie that’s cut automatically! The auto-cut movie will be customizable (of course) with a number of mood choices and three length options.

BYE BYE APPS: You know all those apps that Apple wouldn’t let you delete?  Most of us probably have a folder full of them, just wasting space on our phones!  Well, tell them goodbye because the new iOS will let you delete those unwanted apps. Goodbye Stocks and Game Center!

Are you excited for fall now with these new updates coming? Which feature is your favorite, let me know and thanks for sharing!


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