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International Women’s Day: Tinder is donating to cause of your choice!

8 Mar , 2017  

It’s International Women’s Day!  This is a day, celebrated since the early 1900’s, to honor the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women world-wide.

And this year, a surprising but strong ally is coming to support the day by putting its money where its mouth is! Believe it or not, I’m talking about Tinder.  Tinder has had a shaky past with women’s issues since the unpleasant split with its only woman co-founder back in 2014.  But the company is coming through today, with up to $250,000 in donations to various charities.

You can help distribute these funds, one tweet at a time!  Starting today until the end of the month, tweet a shoutout to the female-friendly cause of your choice, tagging @Tinder and #FundHerCause. Tinder will send you a code to unlock a $100 donation, which you can submit directly to the organization you chose.

$100 for a minute of your time is a pretty great way to celebrate International Women’s Day!  So, get tweeting!


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