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I love Valentine’s Day!

12 Feb , 2016  

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and – because I love YOU – I’ve found a few apps to help you make sure this year’s day of romance goes off without a hitch.

BloomThat (Free App)– If you know your partner likes gifts, you better not show up empty handed to dinner this year. The least you can do is bring a simple bouquet of flowers. But forget about buying them from the corner store like everyone else, download BloomThat. This app is like the Uber for flowers, so you can have a fresh-cut, beautiful arrangement ready for you when you need it!  Or, of course, you can have the flowers delivered so even if you can’t see your loved one, you can let them know you are thinking of them.

NoWait (Free App)– Going to a nice restaurant with your special someone is really special for Valentine’s Day. But this means that unless you think to plan in advance, finding a table at a good restaurant is going to be a nightmare! Now, instead of spending your special day in a way-too-long line or wandering around from place to place, just download NoWait. With the NoWait app you can not only see which restaurants have no wait (get it!?) but you can also choose to “get in line.” True to its name, this option lets you can get on the restaurant’s waiting list-  and it will text you when your table is ready-  without you ever having to jam into a crowded entrance and shout your phone number to the hostess.

Love Quiz! (Free App)– While you are waiting for that text from the restaurant about your table, spend the downtime bonding with your partner with Love Quiz. Love Quiz is a simple and seamless app that asks questions to help you learn more about your partner and what you have in common. The topics make for great conversation over dinner and are sure to have you two love-birds singing.

So here’s to pretty flowers, romantic dinners and puppy love!  What are your big Valentine’s Day plans!?

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