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How Well Do You Know Your Besties?

10 Aug , 2015  

How well do you know your besties?

The new app “Know Your Crew” will put this question to the ultimate test!

Know Your Crew (free on iOS) is an addictive game that mixes personality quizzes, truth or dare and Apple to Apples.  It is the PERFECT game for a girls night, bridal shower, road trip or even a family dinner!

To play, download the app and invite at least two friends into a game.  Then, spin the question wheel and answer questions about one another.  There is even an option to write your own question.  Next, with a super fun drag-and-drop functionality, you guess whose answer is whose and win points if you are right.  You can play in person or digitally, so it is a great way to keep in contact with a group of friends who no longer live side-by-side.

What I like most about the game is that it starts really interesting conversations about friends and family.  Usually, when people get out their phones the conversation stops.  But this app changes that!

Have you tried KNOW YOUR CREW?  Any other games you are addicted to?

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