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How to win #NationalSelfieDay

21 Jun , 2016  

Apparently, today is #NationalSelfieDay!  While I am not entirely sure who has the authority to declare these types of “holidays”, sign me up for anything that combines selfies and hashtags.

To help you get the best post possible on your obligatory selfie post today, check out my trifecta of perfect selfie apps.  Then, get posting!

YouCam Perfect (Free on iTunes & Google Play): YouCam Perfect is basically a beauty filter for your selfies!  Functions range from basic redeye and wrinkle removal to more expert features that allow you to re-size and shape various aspects of your picture.  You are beautiful just the way you are, but no shame in making your eyelashes just a BIT longer in a selfie!


FrontBack (Free on iTunes & Google Play):  FrontBack is a fun new take on selfies, making your picture more than just a face.  Snapping a pic in this app activates BOTH the front and back camera on your phone simultaneously to create a single pic that showcases both what you’re seeing in front of you AND the reaction of your face! I think of it as a double sided selfie!  Double the selfie, double the fun!

CamMe (Free on iTunes): Now that selfies have their own day, I wonder if there are rules about what constitutes a true selfie.  I typically think of holding the camera yourself as a criteria.  But, CamMe might be changing that!  No longer will you have to outstretch your arm and risk getting it in your selfie shot.  CamMe lets you use hand gestures to take a picture instead of having to press a button! Just set the camera up at the perfect angle, step back, and lift your hand!  CamMe reads this hand gesture and counts down 3-2-1- smile!

What apps do you use to increase your selfie game? Let me know and Happy #NationalSelfieDay!

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