How to keep balanced in 2015!

19 Jan , 2015  

Well, friends, it’s more than half way through January and time for us to look at those resolutions.
If you’ve stuck with yours this far, you are way better than an estimated 33% who have given up resolutions after only two weeks!  So, congrats!   And read on.
Now that you’ve made it through the initial hump, it is important to focus on WHY the resolutions are important to you and how to ingrain them into your daily life.  I have got the perfect app to help you do that.

BALANCED (free) allows users to organize, track progress and create reminders for goals and life targets.  The app has a beautiful and simple interface that uses colors and icons to prompt you toward the goals you have set for yourself.  Even better, it has many ideas and displays popular goals that others have, in case you aren’t quite sure how you want to better yourself in 2015 and need some inspiration!
Try it out and see if it helps you get through the next 2 weeks of January without breaking those resolutions!
How do you plan to keep your 2015 goals going strong?


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