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How Are You Doing On Your Weight Loss Resolution?  Here’s 3 Apps to Make You Succeed!

15 Jan , 2016  

It is 2 weeks into the New Year and a smart time to review your progress on those New Year’s resolutions!  Did you know the TOP New Year’s resolution was to lose weight?  Yeah, you might have been able to guess that one!  So, if you are one of the millions of people who made that resolution this year, and need a little help on your mid-month check in, take a look at these three apps!

Track Your Way To This Year’s New You, With Happy Scale

Hate it when you try your hardest all week but your scale shows that your weight has barely changed? Starting this year don’t be discouraged again! The Happy Scale app takes the weights that you record over time and uses calculations to predict when you will see those evil scale numbers count down. It even generates a graph so you can see the rate of your weight loss and know that you’ve just got to stick with it.

Make Healthy Smoothies That Don’t Stink To Drink With Perfect Blend

I try making healthy shakes, but throwing random foods like kale and fruit into a blender can be a gamble.  Sometimes it just makes a gross drink that I have to force down! Perfect Blend is an app that takes away this guesswork. Place any blender cup on the specially designed Perfect Blend food scale and pick a recipe in the app. The app then displays a cup and guides you through exactly how much of each ingredient to put in! Add foods like strawberries, yogurt and ice to your blender cup until you hit the set lines for each ingredient on the digital cup.  This way, it is easy to get the exact amount of all the healthy ingredients and fill up your blender with what will become a perfect delicious smoothie every time!

Finally, If You Can’t Do It Alone, Find Someone Who Will Get You in the Zone with Hand Stand

You’ve lost your steam and you find yourself where you do every year… But this year you are not giving up! If you can’t find the drive to take it to the next level then bring in the experts to kick you into gear. Hand Stand is an awesome app where you can search certified and customer-reviewed fitness experts in your area. You could find yourself in the hands of instructors that train athletes or shape up movie stars. Then the only size problem you will have is buying a whole closet full of smaller clothes!

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