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Hottest Features of SnapChat’s New Look

8 Jun , 2016  

If you opened up SnapChat yesterday and felt shocked by the new format and a bit perplexed by the how to use it, welcome to the club!

While the app is constantly making changes (anyone notice those three new icons it rolled out last week?), this most recent update is one of the largest and most dramatic.

And while it might take a few days to get used to, the new features make a few things WAY easier and are an obvious attempt by SnapChat to move toward monetization.

The primary changes are around SnapChat’s Discover section.  The content is now displayed in a more magazine-like layout, with content headlines and main images replacing the old round-publisher logos.  Additionally, users can now “subscribe” to a channel they want to follow more closely.  To subscribe, simply press and hold a publisher’s story for an option pop-up, then click the subscribe button.  By subscribing to a channel, that publisher’s content will always appear in your STORIES section, not only as a “Live Story”, but also in the “Recent Updates” section, right along with your friends’ stories.


This is definitely a way to let brands push out more content.  For me, the real question is if USERS will like it.  What do you think of the latest changes?

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