20 Nov , 2013  

What do turkeys and airports have in common?

They are both STUFFED over Thanksgiving!
Okay, okay, I won’t give up my day job to get into comedy. But if you do a lot of holiday travel, you know it’s true!! Airport terminals are the worst place ever over the holidays and Thanksgiving actually has even higher travel rates than Christmas! To help you prep for this, I’ve created “PART 1” of Holiday Travel App Survival Kit!

GateGuru (free) was recently bought out by TripAdvisor, and since been loaded with a wealth of information on airport amenities. Find restaurants, stores and services in over 125 airports with photos, reviews and even specific terminal locations. The app was recently named a top 5 Air Travel Apps by CNN. And with a price tag of $0, it deserves a download.
TripList (free) is a new app built just for iOS 7. The interesting thing about packing list apps is that a ton of them cost money. And while it might be worth it to pay $0.99 for a great app sometimes, I am not sure a list-maker is one of those times. So thank heavens for TripList. Easy list generator, smart links to guide you through reminders and a beautiful user interface take the stress out of packing.
MY TSA (free) is amazingly useful. Ask someone about a stressful time during holiday travel and you’ll get a lot of TSA stories. But this app helps make the airport process a bit easier. While this is not the prettiest app I’ve ever used (hey, it’s a government-created app, what can you expect?) it is quite useful as you can check TSA permitted items, estimated wait times at security checkpoints and event airport statuses.
Do you have any go-to travel apps? Share your faves with us below!

** For more travel apps and accessories, see this entry from this summer!


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