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Hear(ables) The Future of Headphones

31 Jan , 2017  

Trend Alert! Headphones are getting increasingly advanced and I for one, love it. Last year we saw the rise of wireless earbud technology, led by the iPhone 7’s AirPods. Now “hearable” technology (a play on the term wearable technology) is all the rage. I’ve picked out a few awesome examples that are leading the “hearables” trend!

Sony Xperia Ear– Ever wish you had a personal assistant to keep you on track and on top of your busy schedule? The Sony Xperia Ear is your dream come true! This tiny earbud has programming that listens and reacts, realistically mimicking a regular conversation. You can have it remind you of your schedule, send text messages and even recite specific directions to that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. The device can also notify you of incoming messages and interpret your feedback when you respond by nodding or shaking your head. The Sony Xperia Ear (available online for $199.99) is great for anyone who wants a high quality earpiece that can do a little bit of everything.

Oakley Radar Pace– This next hearable is for those who are all about athletic training. The Radar Pace is your own personal trainer for running and biking. The headphones are built into a pair of Oakley glasses that protect your eyes from the wind and sun. The device reminds you of your pace and daily workouts, and even compares your progress with past workouts. It also responds to voice commands so you’ll never have to take your eyes off the finish line! While it’s a bit costly (starts at $449), Radar Pace is perfect for the most dedicated bikers and runners.

Here One– Ever wish you could literally tune out the world around you? Well, now you can! Self-described as a “listening system,” the Here One is a wireless set of earbuds that allow you to adjust the levels of different sounds around you! Tune out office sounds and turn up your favorite songs to get work done or turn down the bustle of the subway to hear your audio book. The Here One also allows you to amplify specific sounds around you, like your friend’s voice in a crowded restaurant or adjust the heavy bass at a sold out concert. Pretty cool, huh!? These earbuds go beyond just playing music and answering phone calls, allowing you to be in control of what you hear and what you don’t! The Here Ones start at the pre-order price of $299.99

Have you seen any other awesome ground-breakers in this hearables trend?


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