Having an “OMG, I’m locked out” moment? You NEED KeyMe!

19 Feb , 2015  

If you missed my AppChick spot on KMPH Fox 26 yesterday, you missed the update on an app that I think is revolutionary.  Now, I live and breathe apps, and it is not everyday that I call one revolutionary!

But “KeyMe” truly fits that bill.  And if you have ever locked yourself out of your place, you will agree.
KeyMe is a safest, smartest and most convenient way to copy and share keys.  Using your smart phone’s camera, users scan their keys into the app.  With this information on file, you can order a new key with the touch of a button.  You can order new keys to be mailed to you, delivered by a locksmith or even printed at a local kiosk.  
Safety is a huge focus of KeyMe.  Every user and key is attributed to a credit card and validated address.  This adds two layers of security as it is also a digital identification trail in case of any sort of identity catastrophe.
Have you ever been locked out of your place? Would you try KeyMe?
To see KeyMe in action, check out The App Chick on KMPH.  


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