Happy St. Patricks Day! Best Apps to Celebrate Tonight

17 Mar , 2014  

Taxi Magic (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

With Taxi Magic, the world’s #1 taxi booking app, your ride is our command.
Book a ride to your location in three taps of your device. Use the app to track a nearby cab as it arrives. Register a credit card and pay for the ride straight from your phone – we’ll email a receipt once the ride is over.   

BeerCloud (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

Manage your favorite beers and brewers. Access custom beer lists. Search by name, voice, or bar code scan. Sommelier recommends beer/food pairings.
In areas covered by GreatBrewers.com, track down beers with GPS, check out local events, see the list at bars in your neighborhood, and more.
Mixology™ Drink Recipes (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

Browse and search through 7,900+ drink & cocktail recipes and 1,300+ ingredients. Metric and Imperial (US) units can be chosen for all drink recipes with the click of one button on the “More” tab. The “Liquor Cabinet” tablets you enter all the liquor and mixer types you have on hand–and search the entire database for all the cocktails you’re able to make. The “Random” tab has a slot-machine interface, which lets you find random cocktail recipes based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria. The Cabinet and Random features are user-friendly because we’ve broken down 1,300+ ingredients into 87 categories.
Lep’s World 3 (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Lep and his friends are enjoying the sun. But suddenly dark clouds approach and lightning illuminates the sky. Evil trolls appear, who steal the elves’ gold and kidnap all the villagers. Lep is the only one who escapes.
Now it is Lep’s task alone to save his friends and family. Help him defeat the nasty trolls. Jump and run through Lep’s World 3 and enjoy yourself on 5 terrific, wonderfully designed worlds with 120 levels.

Gaelfon FREE Irish Translator (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

The ‘Gaelfon Free Irish Translator’ is a 2-way English-Irish translator which contains over 13,000 off-line words and terms. All information is stored on your phone so there are no internet or connection charges for using the app.

iBeer FREE (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

Drink beer on your device. This hilarious visual trick behaves like a real glass of beer thanks to the device sensors and our spare time. Get 4 different types of beer, steaming hot coffee, and mouthwash by switching off the ads.
Milk, Soda, Wine, Water, Champagne, Vodka etc. available separately.

Untappd – Discover Beer (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

Untappd is a social discovery and check-in network for anyone that enjoys beer. It gives you the ability to easily find nearby craft beers and bars, see what beers are trending, as well as see where your friends are drinking. Check out the personalized recommendations and use Untappd to find the nearest location you can get the beer you want. Once you’ve got that delicious beer in your hand, use Untappd to track, rate, take a photo, and share it with all your friends. As you explore more beer styles and locations, you will uncover a variety of badges!

Drink Tracker (Google Play/ iTunes- FREE)

Quickly and easily keep a record of what you’ve been drinking with the fully editable one-tap drinks list – add your favorite drinks to the drinks list and sort them into any order you want.

One-time set up of personal profiles – gender, age, height, and weight – means you don’t have to constantly re-enter personal details. Just select a profile at the start of a drinking session.


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