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Happy National Dog Day: Apps for Dog Lovers

26 Aug , 2015  

Happy National Dog Day!

Offices across the country are hosting “Take Your Pup To Work Day” today! For a little more fun, check out these three must have apps for all pup-lovers.

Pet First Aid (Free on iOS or Android): When my dog is moving a little slow, I always get worried he might be sick.  With Pet First Aid, I don’t have to run to the vet every time this happens.  The app gives detailed videos and illustrations to help you diagnose and treat issues that might arise.  And how is this for credibility; the app is developed by American Red Cross.

MapMyDogWalk (Free on iOS and Android): Get fit with Fido! This app lets you log your walks, track your calories and map your favorite routes using GPS.  You can make sure your pup is getting enough exercise, and even store the data so that you can better decide which route to take if you only have a certain amount of time to walk!

TAGG (App is free, tracker costs $79): Tagg is a pet-tracker, essentially a GPS attachment for your dog’s collar.  You can purchase the attachment here and soon you will be delivered peace of mind when your pup adventures outside.  The app tracks your dog’s whereabouts and sends you a message if he goes beyond the boundaries you have set.


Do you have any other favorites?  Let us know in the comments!





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