Happy 2013!

1 Jan , 2013  

As the ball dropped at midnight, we were cheers-ing, kissing and, of course, making resolutions!  To help claim victory over your New Years goals, I’ve put together The App Chick Guide to the most popular resolutions.  Enjoy, my friends.  And here’s to a wonderful 2013!

AppChick suggests: AT&T; DriveMode App (Free, Android & Blackberry) or AT&T; Drive Safe Mode App (Free, iOS)
This resolution can save the lives of others as well as improve your own.  Texting and Driving is not worth the incredible risk.  Take the pledge to not text and drive at itcanwait.com.  You can also download the app, which you can set to inform friends and family that you are driving and you will respond to their text when you arrive at your destination.  Don’t start the year without this app.  It can truly be a life saver.

Resolution: LOSE WEIGHT
AppChick suggests: Lose It! (Free)
Losing weight, eating healthier and working out more categorize probably the most popular New Years resolution.  To help on this quest, check out the app Lose It!.  Lose It! helps you keep track of calories consumed throughout the day as well as calories burned during exercise or daily activities.  You can set weight goals, track nutrients and even pair up with friends or family for accountability.   To help with motivation to exercise, check out the SoFit app that I posted about earlier this year.  It is great way to turn exercise into a fun and social challenge.

Resolution: QUIT SMOKING
AppChick suggests: Livestrong My Quit Coach Lite (Free)
Create a personalized plan with this app to help you kick the smoking habit! The app helps smokers evaluate their current status, set reasonable goals and adjust preferences to quick cold turkey or gradually decrease nicotine intake.  Inspirational tips, progress charts and achievement badges are also included to help stay motivated along the way.  To ensure credibility, the app has been reviewed by smoking cessation speciality Dr. Jonathan Foulds, nicotine addiction specialist Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami, psychologist Dr. Belisa Vranich and cardiologist and internist Dr. Leslie Saxon.

AppChick suggests: Mint.com (Free)
There are many ways to organize your finances and tons of apps out there to give you a helping hand.  Mint.com rises above the rest in terms of completeness, ease of use and security.  Users can link all their financials- bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings –  to their Mint account for an automatically generated monthly report on their spending habits.  You can then easily categorize these reports and create budgets.  Mint even gives you personalized tips on where you can save based on your spendings.

AppChick suggests: Khan Academy (Free)
Khan Academy is a non-profit educational site that offers informational videos on just about anything.  The information from the acclaimed website is not available in app form.  Almost 4000 videos teach subjects from chemistry to history, all in short, digestible 10-minute videos.  Track your knowledge base through the program and see achievements through badges that claim you have “mastered” a certain topic.  Whether you want to develop a new knowledge base, or just gain some little known trivia answers, Khan Academy is the place to learn.


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