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Getting a Job Just Got Easier!

11 Nov , 2016  

Finding a job can be difficult and frustrating.  This is especially true during the end of the year.  According to, the job market is very volatile this time of year, with October being a great time to land a job, November and December being extremely slow due to the holidays, and January picking back up as one of the best months for job hunting.  But, no matter when you are looking for the next awesome gig, I’ve got some apps that will make the process faster and easier! 

Switch (Free on iPhone and Android)Wish you could find a job without doing any of the long hours of searching? Then Switch is for you! Switch is like Tinder for job hunting! Users simply create a profile of information such as level of experience and desired job type.  Switch then brings up job positions that are available and fit the specific profile. Users just swipe left to skip a job or right to match with that employer.  Just like the famed dating apps, if you both the employer and job seeker swipe right, they are able to contact each other and set up a interview. Job searching that takes only swiping, how easy is that!

Snagajob (Free on Android and iPhone): Snagajob is a great option for those seeking entry level jobs for full or part time work. If you want a side gig or are looking for some extra cash, this free app will show you all the full or part-time openings in your area after simply typing in your area code. The app even has a “teen job” filter so teens looking to find their first job have a place to start. It’s also great for finding weekend work or seasonal work over the holiday season!

The Social Index (coming soon!): This next app isn’t out yet, but once it is it could really change the interviewing process. A start up company from Sydney called “The Social Index” wants to help companies hiring Social media managers find the best people for the job. It is creating an app that allows employers to know just how skilled applicants are with social media. The app would be used during the hiring process to weed out applicants who are not fit for the job. The process begins by sending the applicant an email where they would login with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then, the app would generate a spreadsheet on that candidate’s social media usage, detailing everything from how many followers they have to when they post and how often. This info would be sent to both the employer and candidate, and is intended to be referenced almost like a resume.  So, there is a big takeaway here.  If you’re applying for Social Media roles, now is the time to update your profiles!

Have any job-hunting/social media stories?  Could it really be as easy as swiping in a direction or typing in your area code?! Hope these apps help you find your dream job!


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