Fun App Friday! Check Yourself Before You Wreck

10 Oct , 2014  

We’ve all seen the videos of people, distracted by their phones, doing things like walking into fountains or running into doors.

Yeah, we are on our phones constantly!!  It’s funny to talk about but it is also the concept of a new app! Now you can look at your phone to figure out how often you are looking at your phone.  Ha, confused yet?  The new app, Checky, shows you how many times in a day you’ve checked your phone. And, even with this simplistic concept, it has been getting so much press.  Everything from morning news, to TechCrunch to the Colbert Report has covered Checky!
Sure, Colbert’s assessment was kind of tongue-in-cheek about the concept.  But here’s the thing.  It’s kind of addicting!! By the end of the day you are pretty astonished at the totals and I actually like the map feature that shows where you check your phone the most.
Sure, it’s quirky and probably not going to live on my phone forever, but if you are interested in answering that nagging question of just how many phone checks you make in your day, it’s worth a download!
I’ll be pretty interested to see if people start publishing their averages on Facebook.  I haven’t seen any yet, even though it is a capability of the app.  How many times do you think the average person checks their phone in a day??


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