Friends, Camera, Action! Vycolne Brings Crowdsourcing to Filmmaking!

18 Jan , 2013  

Vyclone: Crowdsourced Filmmaking Has anyone lately had the fly eye effect at a concert? While watching the main stage, you suddenly see the action refracted into a thousand different cell phones, held rapt recording the live event? Now we can put all this footage into one place to get a compelling film! This incredible new app, Vyclone, from Joe Sumner lets two or more people in close proximity shoot video with their iPhones, upload the clips and then view a movie that is automatically spliced together from different angles.  Vyclone tags each video with the location where it was shot using GPS and then lines them up by date and time.  Joe was touring with his band Fiction Plane and noticed over 400 YouTube videos of the show that went online the day after the show.  This gave him the idea for Vyclone, an app that has investment from Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Live Nation, DreamWorks and VC firm Thrive Capital.  Business Week: Joe Sumner: Synchronizing Crowdsourced Movies CNet News: Mobile app Vyclone covers every angle on social video mixing
Friends, Camera, Action!
Here’s a real WOW!  We’ve seen a plethora of social image sharing apps this past year. And now, what Instagram did for social images, VYCLONE is doing for social video. Vyclone (free on iOS) lets you co-create, sync and edit multi-user videos. What is a multi-user video, you might wonder. I thought the same thing. I hadn’t even thought of this awesome idea before.

Let’s say you are at a concert. You film a portion of the concert- maybe your favorite song. Ever wonder how many other people are filming that same song?

Or maybe you are attending a wedding. Of course, you film the beautiful bride coming down the aisle. What if you could splice your film together with all the other angles from other guests at the same event?

Sound awesome?  That’s Vyclone!

Better yet, you don’t have to know how to edit video to use Vyclone’s platform. Vyclone will automatically splice together footage from other phones that are filming that same content. Of course, don’t worry, you can change and specify privacy settings as needed. If you don’t like Vyclone’s version, the app makes it easy to play director yourself, cutting and splicing the different feeds right on your phone!

Now I just need tickets to a concert or a wedding invite so I can dazzle my friends with this one!

Have you tried Vyclone? Is it really this easy?   What would you want a Vyclone video of?


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