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Fidget Spinner Apps…. Really??!!

26 May , 2017  

People are going crazy for fidget spinners.  These stress-relieving handheld spinners are popping up all over the place. Do you get it?  Why!?  Okay, so crazier things have been trends but I haven’t bought a fidget spinner yet, and I predict that in a month you won’t see many more around.
But that doesn’t stop it from being the hit this month.  Right?  And, as sometimes happens with trends, things are starting to go a bit overboard.
Case in point: Fidget spinner apps.
Yeah, it’s a thing now and I don’t just mean one app, there are dozens available on the App Store right now. One is even topping the charts of the iOS app store.
And, for once, I am NOT giving you a link!
This is one app I am not going to download.  Because… why?  You just swipe on your phone and the pretend spinner goes in circles.  It sort of defeats the entire purpose of the fidget spinner.  You don’t get to hold it, you don’t get to physically stop it from spinning or feel the movement.
Look, if you want a fidget spinner, get a real life one.  HERE is one of the best rated ones on Amazon.  But, please, save your app downloads for something else.
Anyone out there want to defend the fidget spinner apps??

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